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ShowMax Cinema™ Screen

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Innovation Zone Winner

A Stunning Picture

Delair ShowMax Cinema™ non-perforated screen unveils the full potential of your picture. It is the best choice for Laser, UHD, HDR and 4k projection technologies.

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Never Again Compromise your Picture

Screen perforations have degraded picture quality ever since the introduction of movie sound. It is finally time to get rid of screen perforations. 

No Moire

A non-perforated screen eliminates the moiré effect. It brings out the best of laser and 4K projection.

Improved Brightness

With a non-perforated screen, there is no light loss due to perforations. With the same amount of light from the projector, brightness is increased compared to perforated screens.

Better Contrast

A non-perforated screen improves the contrast of the image. Details are more realistic, and the picture is more immersive than ever before.



Learn how screen perforations deteriorate picture brightness and contrast

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