Front Wave Audio™

Innovation Zone Winner

Breathtaking Sound Immersion Experience

Delair Front Wave Audio™ brings a new level of sound immersion to the cinema with a unique and patented technology that improves 80% of the audio.


The Screen Becomes the Speaker

The Front Wave Audio™ is the only technology that emits the screen-channel sounds from the front of a non-perforated screen.

1. FWA Drivers

Our flat, proprietary drivers are placed in direct contact with the rear surface of the screen; causing the mid and high frequencies to emanate from the screen itself.

2. Compression Drivers

Very-high-frequency satellite drivers are positioned around the screen perimeter on the left, top-center, and right. This provides a very wide acoustic coverage in the auditorium.

3. Woofer

The bass and lower-midrange frequencies are reproduced by a conventional dynamic-cone driver. It is mounted in the enclosure so that it does not touch the screen.


Learn how FWA technology emits the screen-channel sound from the front o the screen, improving both sound and picture quality.


Jean Goudier is a well-known, award-winning sound designer in France who has worked with directors like Oliver Stone, Patrice Leconte, and Jean Paul Rappeneau. In addition, he is an early adopter of Delair Front Wave Audio™...

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